Body Care 

Herbal Wrap
Unbleached linen sheets steamed in a blend of fragrant herbs
are wrapped on your body to increase perspiration, help eliminate
toxins and impurities, relax your muscles and soften your skin.
A perfect complement to a massage. (Not recommended during
pregnancy or for anyone with high blood pressure.) 

Essential Oil Wrap
Aromatherapy oils and Thermal Crystal Body Creme are luxuriously
applied to relieve muscle tension, moisturize and mineralize the body.
Select a Soothing or Detoxifying blend of oils for a very personalized

Loofah Skin Glow
A deep-cleansing treatment to exfoliate dull surface skin, improve
circulation and soften skin.  A therapist rubs the body with sea salt and
almond oil under a soothing heat lamp, then gently massages you with
a loofah mitt and body gel, followed by a warm body rinse.   The finishing
touch is an aloe very spray to leave skin soft and glowing. 

Full Body Mud Mask
An exhilarating treatment to soothe tired, sore muscles as well as cleanse
and nourish the skin.  After the special mud mixture is applied, the therapist
conditions your hair.  A finishing skin moisturizer is applied to the body after
the mud is showered off.  

Therapeutic Hydrotherapy (Women's Spa)
An extremely beneficial treatment, combining the benefits of a firm
massage with the soothing effects of warm, mineralized water and
aromatherapy.  Close attention is paid to specific areas of the body to
relieve stress and target areas of tension and soreness.  (This treatment
is not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with high
blood pressure.)  

Spirulina Full Body Wrap
A unique full-body wrap designed to nourish and detoxify the skin and
body.  Using natural Spirulina algae, combined with select blends of
aromatherapy oils and specially formulated creams, this treatment
produces softer, smoother skin which will help to restore the skin's
tone and firmness.  

Aloe Vera Hydrating Body Treatment
Ideal for dry skin or after prolonged exposure to the sun.   Soothing
aloe vera gel is applied to the entire body, followed by a fragrant
Lavender Mist before the body is wrapped and allowed to relax.
At the end of this treatment, a healing Rosehip and Aloe Cream is applied,
hydrating and restoring the skin's moisture balance.  

All Prices Subject to Change

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